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26 September 2018Milan Elkerbout, Christian Egenhofer

Objectives set by the EU in line with the Paris Agreement will, over time, lead to demands for greenhouse gas emissions reductions including, increasingly, from energy-intensive industries that can only be fulfilled by rapid deployment of breakthrough low-carbon techn

12 July 2018 Eleanor Drabik, Vasileios Rizos

Electric vehicles are a key technology to decarbonise the road transport sector and their use is expected to increase, thereby increasing demand for lithium-ion batteries.

04 May 2018Aurélie Faure-Schuyer

A European alliance of battery manufacturers (European Battery Alliance) was launched in 2017. This contributes provides some insight into the Alliance’s strategy and the challenges it faces before publication of the review of the Clean Energy Package.

28 March 2018Vasileios Rizos, Arno Behrens, Eleanor Drabik, David Rinaldi, Katja Tuokko

The circular economy is attracting significant interest worldwide, as evidenced by the numerous government strategies, business commitments and partnerships devoted to its development.

13 March 2018Jaap Jansen

In this contribution, Jaap Jansen finds that the practice of automatically issuing guarantees of origin (GOs) to all producers of renewable energy undermines EU energy and climate objectives. 

01 March 2018Christian Egenhofer, Eleanor Drabik, Monica Alessi, Vasileios Rizos

As part of the European Parliament's European Implementation Assessment of the Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC), Christian Egenhofer, Eleanor Drabik, Monica Alessi and Vasileios Rizos contributed a Briefing Paper entitled "Stakeholders views on the Ecodesign Directiv

Other publications

9 October 2015
by Gergely Molnar, Christian Egenhofer, Fabio Genoese
8 October 2015
by Fabio Genoese, Christian Egenhofer
30 September 2015
by Gergely Molnar, Christian Egenhofer, Fabio Genoese
27 July 2015
by Fabio Genoese, Christian Egenhofer
24 July 2015
by Paolo Natali, Christian Egenhofer, Gergely Molnar
14 July 2015
by Christian Egenhofer, Andrei Marcu, Jorge Núñez-Ferrer, Fabio Genoese, Milan Elkerbout
12 July 2015
by Christian Egenhofer, Anna Dimitrova, Julian Popov
2 July 2015
by Fabio Genoese, Christian Egenhofer
19 May 2015
by Stefan Schleicher, Andrei Marcu, Angela Köppl, Jürgen Schneider, Milan Elkerbout, Andreas Türk, Alexander Zeitlberger