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21 June 2017Milan Elkerbout
The most recent official data on the EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) show that greenhouse gas emissions dropped by about 2.7% in 2016.
21 June 2017Milan Elkerbout, Christian Egenhofer
Carbon prices in the EU ETS have been low for a number of years and might remain at relatively low levels for the foreseeable future.
15 June 2017Milan Elkerbout
The withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement represents a setback for global climate action.
06 June 2017Niels Anger, Leonardo Zannier

Prior to the adoption of the EU’s 2030 Framework for Energy and Climate and its subsequent endorsement by the European Council in 2014,[1] the delivery of European objectives for 2020, the needed predictability for investors and transparency for citizens were ensured

02 June 2017Vasileios Rizos, Arno Behrens, David Rinaldi, Eleanor Drabik

In recent years the circular economy has received increasing attention worldwide due to, inter alia, the recognition that security of supply of resources and environmental sustainability are crucial for the prosperity of countries and businesses.

07 April 2017Vasileios Rizos, Katja Tuokko, Arno Behrens
Transforming the linear economy, which has remained the dominant model since the onset of the Industrial Revolution, into a circular one is by no means an easy task.

Other publications

19 May 2015
by Stefan Schleicher, Andrei Marcu, Angela Köppl, Jürgen Schneider, Milan Elkerbout, Andreas Türk, Alexander Zeitlberger
8 May 2015
by Andrei Marcu, Alexandra Deprez, Susanne Dröge, Liz Gallagher, Artur Gradziuk , Sebastian Oberthür, Thomas Spencer
1 October 2014
by Andrei Marcu