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23 October 2017Arno Behrens

Indicators play a crucial role in improving resource consciousness among policy makers and citizens.

19 October 2017Arndt Hassel, Jaap Jansen, Christian Egenhofer, Zheng Xu
27 September 2017Christian Egenhofer, Cristian Stroia

The Central and South-Eastern Europe Gas Connectivity (CESEC) initiative brings together EU and non-EU countries under a single regional framework promoting energy policy cooperation.

11 August 2017Alan Riley

The new US sanctions law – Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act 2017 – is not a legal monster threatening European interests.

07 July 2017Jaap Jansen
The European Commission’s Renewable Energy Directive of 2001 mandated EU member states to develop a system for the guarantees of origin (GOs) of renewable electricity.
06 July 2017Arndt Hassel, Cristian Stroia, Christian Egenhofer, Jaap Jansen, Arno Behrens

As part of the “Clean Energy for All Europeans” package, the European Commission has proposed a Regulation on risk-preparedness in the electricity sector that aims to improve cooperation among member states in preventing, preparing for and managing electricity crises.

Other publications

27 July 2015
by Fabio Genoese, Christian Egenhofer
24 July 2015
by Paolo Natali, Christian Egenhofer, Gergely Molnar
14 July 2015
by Christian Egenhofer, Andrei Marcu, Jorge Núñez-Ferrer, Fabio Genoese, Milan Elkerbout
12 July 2015
by Christian Egenhofer, Anna Dimitrova, Julian Popov
2 July 2015
by Fabio Genoese, Christian Egenhofer
19 May 2015
by Stefan Schleicher, Andrei Marcu, Angela Köppl, Jürgen Schneider, Milan Elkerbout, Andreas Türk, Alexander Zeitlberger
8 May 2015
by Andrei Marcu, Alexandra Deprez, Susanne Dröge, Liz Gallagher, Artur Gradziuk , Sebastian Oberthür, Thomas Spencer
1 October 2014
by Andrei Marcu