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Recent publications

22 December 2017Arno Behrens, Vasileios Rizos

The European Semester is the European Union’s annual cycle of economic policy guidance and oversight.

21 December 2017Alex Barnes

Nord Stream 2 is criticised on grounds that it undermines the functioning of the European gas market and makes European gas consumers worse off.

19 December 2017Arndt Hassel, Christian Egenhofer

The disruption caused by the recent Baumgarten incident is a timely reminder that security of gas supply goes beyond dependence on particular suppliers and that infrastructure matters.

13 December 2017Christian Egenhofer, Cristian Stroia

In late December 2016 and early 2017, South Eastern Europe experienced an extended cold spell lasting almost six weeks and triggering an electricity ‘crisis’, which seriously affected EU member states as well as Energy Community countries, notably Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and FYR of Macedonia.

12 December 2017Milan Elkerbout

The clean energy transition – necessitated by the Paris Agreement and implemented in the EU through the Energy Union strategy – is changing the industrial landscape in Europe. Viewed through the lens of competitiveness, this transition brings about threats as well as opportunities.

01 December 2017Dr. Alexey Kokorin, Dr Anna Korppoo
Russia’s climate mitigation is lagging far behind the pace of global efforts, due to the leadership’s ‘ostrich approach’ to phasing out fossil fuels and its denial of the human origins of climate change.

Other publications

29 April 2016
by Fabio Genoese, Eleanor Drabik, Christian Egenhofer
7 April 2016
by Anna Dimitrova, Arno Behrens, Christian Egenhofer
23 February 2016
by Andrei Marcu, Wijnand Stoefs, Tomasz Chruszczow, Katja Tuokko
22 February 2016
by Andrei Marcu, Milan Elkerbout
17 February 2016
by Fabio Genoese, Eleanor Drabik, Christian Egenhofer
1 December 2015
by Andrei Marcu
25 November 2015
by Andrei Marcu, Wijnand Stoefs, David Belis, Katja Tuokko
25 November 2015
by Andrei Marcu, Tomasz Chruszczow, David Belis, Katja Tuokko, Wijnand Stoefs