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Recent publications

13 March 2018Jaap Jansen

In this contribution, Jaap Jansen finds that the practice of automatically issuing guarantees of origin (GOs) to all producers of renewable energy undermines EU energy and climate objectives. 

01 March 2018Christian Egenhofer, Eleanor Drabik, Monica Alessi, Vasileios Rizos

As part of the European Parliament's European Implementation Assessment of the Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC), Christian Egenhofer, Eleanor Drabik, Monica Alessi and Vasileios Rizos contributed a Briefing Paper entitled "Stakeholders views on the Ecodesign Directiv

28 February 2018Aurélie Faure-Schuyer, Christian Egenhofer, Milan Elkerbout

This report is meant to provide background and serve as a starting point for a series of stakeholder discussions on the future of the EU’s value chains based on mineral raw materials.

23 January 2018Monica Alessi, Jorge Núñez-Ferrer, Christian Egenhofer

This paper focuses on the damage – and the potential for inflicting further damage – to investor confidence arising from legal uncertainties surrounding renewable energy support in some EU member states.

22 December 2017Arno Behrens, Vasileios Rizos

The European Semester is the European Union’s annual cycle of economic policy guidance and oversight.

21 December 2017Alex Barnes

Nord Stream 2 is criticised on grounds that it undermines the functioning of the European gas market and makes European gas consumers worse off.

Other publications

1 December 2017
by Dr. Alexey Kokorin, Dr Anna Korppoo
20 November 2017
by Milan Elkerbout
19 October 2017
by Arndt Hassel, Jaap Jansen, Christian Egenhofer
27 September 2017
by Christian Egenhofer, Cristian Stroia