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Recent publications

01 December 2017Dr. Alexey Kokorin, Dr Anna Korppoo
Russia’s climate mitigation is lagging far behind the pace of global efforts, due to the leadership’s ‘ostrich approach’ to phasing out fossil fuels and its denial of the human origins of climate change.
20 November 2017Milan Elkerbout

At COP23 in Bonn, a rival US delegation insisted that Americans remain committed to the Paris Agreement. But Trump's actions pose a real threat to global climate policy.

20 November 2017Cristian Stroia, Christian Egenhofer
The Central and South-Eastern Energy Connectivity (CESEC) has moved to a new phase, one which sees the extension of its mandate to electricity markets, renewables and energy efficiency.
14 November 2017Milan Elkerbout
The ETS will be much stronger after the Phase 4 revision. But further adjustments may be inevitable in the future, given ongoing developments in the climate/energy world.
23 October 2017Arno Behrens

Indicators play a crucial role in improving resource consciousness among policy makers and citizens.

19 October 2017Arndt Hassel, Jaap Jansen, Christian Egenhofer, Zheng Xu

Other publications

27 September 2017
by Christian Egenhofer, Cristian Stroia
6 July 2017
by Arndt Hassel, Cristian Stroia, Christian Egenhofer, Jaap Jansen, Arno Behrens
2 June 2017
by Vasileios Rizos, Arno Behrens, Eleanor Drabik
7 April 2017
by Vasileios Rizos, Katja Tuokko, Arno Behrens
17 March 2017
by Christian Egenhofer, Cristian Stroia, Julian Popov
20 February 2017
by Arndt Hassel, Christian Egenhofer, Razvan Nicolescu, Sorin-Dumitru Elisei