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Towards an Effective EU Framework for Road Transport and GHG Emissions

The adoption of the Paris Agreement at the end of 2015 and the EU’s intended nationally determined contribution (INDC) have confirmed the EU’s commitment to achieve decarbonisation by 2050. Transport accounts for about a quarter of EU greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, representing the second-largest source of GHG emissions in Europe after the energy sector. The report concludes with a number of measures to lead EU transport decarbonisation policy. A distinction is made between i) no-regret options and ii) measures for consideration.

Christian Egenhofer is Associate Senior Research Fellow, Head of the Energy and Climate programme and Director of CEPS Energy Climate House; Andrei Marcu is Senior Advisor, Head of the Carbon Market Forum and Deputy Director of CEPS Energy Climate House; Vasileios Rizos is Research Fellow at CEPS; Arno Behrens is Research Fellow and Head of Energy at CEPS; Jorge Núñez–Ferrer is Associate Research Fellow at CEPS; Arndt Hassel is an Intern at CEPS; and Milan Elkerbout is Researcher in the CEPS Carbon Market Forum.


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Former Deputy Director of CEPS Energy Climate House & Head, Carbon Market Forum
Research Fellow and Head of Sustainable Resources and Circular Economy
Senior Research Fellow