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Overview of the EU climate policy based on the 2030 framework

A chapter by Noriko Fujiwara giving an "Overview of the EU climate policy based on the 2030 framework", within a compendium of over 120 chapters on energy law and policy.


The book "Delivering Energy Law and Policy in the EU and the US"

  • Analyses energy and environmental law and policy in terms of delivery
  • Brings together interdisciplinary perspectives from international contributors on achieving policy aims in energy law and policy
  • Sets out a new research agenda for a debate on policy delivery among academics, policy-makers and industry

From evaluating policy delivery on wind farms in Texas in the US, to developing nuclear power in the Middle East, this book presents fresh thinking on key concepts and ideas on energy law and policy delivery. Experts in energy from across the European Union and the United States contribute short chapters each on how best to achieve energy policy objectives. The contributors write from a range of perspectives, including the sciences, law, politics, economics and engineering.

Edited by Raphael J. Heffron, Gavin F. M. Little