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CEPS Submission to European Commission public consultation on the Effort Sharing Decision in a 2030 perspective

The Effort Sharing Decision (ESD) addresses GHG emissions not covered by the EU ETS (around 55% of total EU GHG emissions), and sets annual targets for EU Member States.

The consultation focused on the use of, and possible changes to the flexibility mechanisms included in the ESD.

For the post-2020 period, the European Council, in its October 2014 Conclusions, decided that non-ETS sectors will have to reduce GHG emissions by 30% by 2030, compared to 2005, to help achieve the EU's overall GHG reduction target of -40% compared to 1990.

Andrei Marcu was Deputy Director of CEPS Energy Climate House and Head of the CEPS Carbon Market Forum.

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Former Deputy Director of CEPS Energy Climate House & Head, Carbon Market Forum