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ΕU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network

The EU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network (former EU-GCC Clean Energy Network), funded by the European Union, initiated its activities in 2010, as a response to the common EU GCC interest for strategic clean energy cooperation. The Network aims to act as a catalyst and element of coordination for the development of cooperation on clean energy, including the related policy and technology aspects among various stakeholders in the EU and GCC countries.

CENII Project

In December 2015 the European Union launched the “EU GCC Clean Energy Network II” (CENII) project. The overall objective of the CENII is to enhance EU-GCC energy relations by developing new appropriate structures and instruments and by maintaining existing ones for practical cooperation activities of mutual interest in the area of clean energy. Hence, building on the achievements of the EU-GCC Clean Energy Network since 2010, the project is necessary to further the cooperation opportunities in the energy sector.

An important operational element of the Network is the working areas that are established to examine opportunities and further develop cooperation:

1. Renewable Energy Sources;
Energy Efficiency & Demand Side Management;
Clean Natural Gas & related Clean Technologies;
Electricity Interconnections & Market Integration;
Carbon Capture & Storage.

Climate change aspects are considered across all 5 topics.

CEPS is a research partner in the project since its inception.

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