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'Solidarity Law' signals Energy Union breakthrough
Natural Gas Daily
on 3 May 2017
in Romanian National TV TVR1
on 29 January 2017
in ENDS Europe
on 5 December 2016

Study led by Vasileios Rizos & Arno Behrens

Bruges Series on European Business Cases (BSEBC)
on 26 October 2016

This business case analyses why and how E.ON reacted to the EU climate regulations and to the changing environment of the European energy market. In December 2008 the European Parliament adopted the EU Climate and Energy Package to significantly decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 and to promote renewables. The overcapacity on the market and the drop of wholesale price of electricity hit traditional oil, gas and coal energy utilities such as E.ON. The fast development of renewables also impacted the market structure. Faced with a disrupted market, E.ON carried massive losses. This business case analyses the corporate answers to this profoundly changing environment, from 2008 more common responses to E.ON’s drastic decision to split in two firms in 2014.