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Workshop on investment climate in SEE Moving towards a Low-Carbon Economy in South-Eastern Europe Regulation, Finance and Investment

Many EU countries of south-eastern Europe use a significant proportion of coal for their energy needs. EU energy policy aims to increasingly decarbonise power generation and ultimately move to a net zero carbon economy by 2050.  Several countries face a major challenge to replace the energy from coal from other sources. Increased energy efficiency and greater regional energy market integration will play a role in balancing supply and demand. Issues of regulatory uncertainty have made investors reluctant to finance new energy projects in the region. This event will bring together stakeholders from the energy and finance sectors with EU and national policymakers to discuss the challenges facing countries of region to make the transition to low carbon and how to attract the necessary investment. It is the start of a series of events and other deliverables on the issue.


  • Focus on ‘low-carbon’ challenges given the prevalence of coal, e.g. security of supply, affordability/energy poverty, investment in low-carbon technology. 
  • Highlight the importance of securing investment and regulatory predictability as essential elements in transition to a low-carbon economy in the context of the EC Long-term Strategy (LTS)


The workshop is the beginning of a series of CEPS ECH activities in this field.



Christian Egenhofer
CEPS Energy Climate House
Marion Perelle
Member of Cabinet, Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete for Climate Action and Energy,
European Commission
Julian Popov
European Climate Foundation
Ivo Prokopiev
Co-founder ,
Solar-Pro Holding, Sofia, Bulgaria
Olivier Marquette,
AES Bulgaria
Tom Howes
Deputy Head of economic analysis and financial instruments unit,
European Commission
Gwilym Jones
Head of Brussels Representation,,
Jorge Núñez-Ferrer,
Senior Research Fellow,,
Nikolaos Keramidas
EU Affairs Director,
Mytilineos S.A.
Kyriakos Gialoglou,
Greek Energy Forum
Eero Ailio
Adviser for Energy Transition and Local Governance, DG Energy,
European Commission
Grigoris Krallis,
Senior Sector Engineer, Energy Department,
Nikolaos Keramidas,
EU Affairs Director, .,
Mytilineos S.A
Claudia Brandus,
Director, Regulatory Affairs, ,
ENEL Romania
Claudiu Negrisan,
Deputy Director,,
Bioenergy Suceava
László Szabó


8 April 2019Monday14:00 - 17:30
Participation is free of charge. Registration is required to participate
CEPS Conference room