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Understanding the link between the circular and digital economies

Third meeting of the Task Force on "The Role of Business on the Circular Economy". 

The combination of circular economy models with a new wave of technological revolutions, such as digital and engineering technologies, can help re-shape linear-economy structures towards circular structures. For example, the internet of things, which enables a networked connection of physical objects, can help remove some of the stumbling blocks for achieving circularity between production and consumption. Pairing these types of technological innovations with circular principles can offer ample opportunities in several sectors such as waste management, energy, agriculture, manufacturing and built environment. However, there are several barriers that need to be removed in order to unlock the potential provided by the combination of circular economy principles and digital technologies. This Task Force meeting will discuss the linkages between the circular and digital economies and the policy support needed to remove existing barriers and bottlenecks.

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2 February 2017Thursday10:00 - 15:15
Closed meeting, participation is open only for Task Force members.
Place du Congrès 1
1000 Brussels


Executive Assistant
Research Fellow and Head of Sustainable Resources and Circular Economy
Useful Documents
TF Circular Economy Draft Agenda Digital Meeting_final.pdf