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Romania’s Presidency of the Council of the EU and its Energy Policy Priorities

Romania will hold its first presidency of the Council of the European Union as of January 2019. The country will have to adopt a neutral position when defining the perspective of the Council and considering the various interests of member states. The Romanian Presidency should focus on certain important topics, which could to a great extent, define the identity of its Presidency and contribute to the shaping of the future of the European Union. The energy policy priorities that Romania will promote during its Council Presidency revolve around the five dimensions of the Energy Union strategic framework: energy security, integrated internal energy market, energy efficiency, decarbonizing the energy sector, innovation and economic competitiveness. At the same time, the alleviation of energy poverty and protection of vulnerable consumers will likely be a particular focus, given the issue’s prevalence in Romania and the region

It is the purpose of the October 31, 2017 roundtable organized by EPG and CEPS Energy Climate House in Bucharest to discuss and articulate, along with reputed experts, what should constitute the core and focus of Romania’s energy policy position surrounding its Presidency of the Council of the EU. 

The discussion will revolve around the follwing reflections:
  • What are the likely challenges to Romania’s expected energy policy lines during its EU Presidency? What are the likely opportunities? How should the country manage them politically and diplomatically?
  • What is the relevance of regional cooperation formats, such as CESEC?
  • How can overall EU-wide convergence of regional energy cooperation on natural gas and electricity markets be maintained?
  • What are the most fruitful areas of energy policy cooperation among Romania and the other two members of the presidency trio, Finland and Croatia?


Radu Dudău
EPG - Energy Policy Group
Christian Egenhofer
CEPS Energy Climate House