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POCACITO Final Conference: Post-carbon cities of tomorrow

The Final Conference of the European Union's 7th Framework Programme project POCACITO took place in CEPS on 21 October 2016. The event took an interactive format, and was aimed at bringing together EU stakeholders to discuss how to make post-carbon cities a reality.

The conference presented our experience in developing long term strategies with stakeholders through visioning and backcasting workshops. We presented the results of the project, as well as a high level document or ‘roadmap’ to achieve by 2050 liveable post-carbon cities, i.e. economically robust, environmentally resilient, providing high quality of life and socially inclusive. Many decisions today will shape longer term paths. It is important that decisions in the next ten years are aligned to targets beyond 2050. Path dependency has powerful implications, and decisions today will shape the cities of tomorrow. Out of the box concepts are thus welcome, even more so if the link to possible implementation paths is also made explicit.

Please visit the POCACITO website for the proceedings of the conference.