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Impacts of the circular economy transition in Europe

The transition from a linear economy to a more circular one requires systemic changes involving a wide range of actors and sectors. Such a large scale transformation of markets will have impacts on industries, value chains and, in turn, on economies. Improving the evidence base about these impacts can help policy-makers decide on priorities and weigh potential policy options against each other. It can also contribute to achieving a better integration of the circular economy in strategic policy processes such as the European Semester.

This Conference will present the evidence collected by the CIRCULAR IMPACTS project on the impacts of moving towards a more circular economy in Europe. The first session will focus on the impacts of the transition on three sectors: electric vehicles/batteries, car sharing and building materials. The second session will deal with the different options for developing scenarios about the transition to a circular economy and evaluating its economic, social and environmental impacts.

Based on existing data and indicators, CIRCULAR IMPACTS ( aims to develop an assessment of the macro-economic, societal, environmental and labour market impacts of the transition to a circular economy. The assessment will support the European Commission in its discussions with member states on progress in this field.

The Conference starts at 12:15 with registration & networking lunch.

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Patrik Kolar
Head of Department, EASME,
European Commission
Louis Meuleman,
Co-ordinator European Semester & Environmental Implementation Review, DG Environment, ,
European Commission
Vincent Basuyau
Policy Officer, DG GROW,
European Commission
Rob Dellink
Senior Economist,
Jinxue Hu
Economic Researcher,
NEO International
Patrick ten Brink
Director for EU Policy,
EEB (European Environmental Bureau)
Geert Woltjer
Senior Researcher,
Wageningen Economic Research
Eleanor Drabik
Aaron Best
Senior Fellow,
Ecologic Institute
Laurens Duin
Junior Researcher,
Ecologic Institute
Vasileios Rizos
Research Fellow,
Arno Behrens
Associate Senior Research Fellow,