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Energy Prices for European Energy-intensive Industries: Analysing of the level and drivers of costs

Energy price levels impact the competitiveness of energy-intensive industries in the EU. These price levels are influenced by EU energy and climate change policies. Energy prices are a central theme in the European Commission’s CleanEnergy4All package.
This workshop will present results from two studies conducted by CEPS in partnership with Ecofys, Economisti Associati and Ecorys, for DG GROW.  The first study was published in January 2017 and covers the period 2008-2015 for the ceramics, steel, aluminium and refineries sectors. The second study presented will be published in July 2017, it includes analysis of the glass & ceramics sectors for the period 2006-2015.



Christian Egenhofer
CEPS Energy Climate House
Elisabeth Hamdouch
European Commission
Asa Johannesson-Linden
European Commission
Mattia Di Salvo
Manuel Rivas Rabago
European Commission, DG ENER
Eleanor Drabik
CEPS Energy Climate House


30 June 2017Friday09:00 - 11:30
Participation in this event is free of charge. Registration is required to participate.
CEPS, Conference room
Plae du Congres 1
1000 Brussels


Useful Documents
Asa Johanesson-Linden.pdf Eleanor Drabik.pdf Mattia Di Salvo.pdf Manuel Rivas Rabago.pdf