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Does the EU renewables sector need a guarantees of origin market?

The EU Renewable Energy Directive of 2001 has a system for tracking the guarantees of origin (GOs) of renewable electricity. The tracking is instrumental to the reliable authentication of claims about the origin of a certain quantity of final energy. European law stipulates that guarantees of origin are to be used to prove the share of renewables in total deliveries of a supplier to customers. The system has been criticised among other, for a lack of environmental credibility and for having little impact. The seminar will discuss actual and perceived wekanesses and expolre ways to address these and provide additional, consumer-driven income streams to help realise new renewable energy projects in the future.


Henrik Dam
Policy Officer, DG Energy,
European Commission
Christian Egenhofer
CEPS Energy Climate House
Ole Løfsnæs
Assistant Director,
Norsk Industri
Claude Turmes
European Parliament
Dirk Van Evercooren


27 September 2017Wednesday12:00 - 14:30
Venue: to be confirmed
1000 Brussels