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Circular economy perspectives for future end-of-life EV batteries

Closed meeting, participation open for experts in the field and stakeholders involved in the Circular Impacts project
Concerns over climate change are leading to the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) that are increasingly penetrating the car market. This upsurge in EVs will also trigger an increase in the lithium-ion battery market which is forecast to rise from 62GWh in 2015 to 223GWh by 2025. Many companies are already planning to address the underlying question of what to do with the EV batteries after they reach the end of their first life-cycle. Managing the large number of end-of-life EV batteries will also entail economic, environmental and social impacts for the EU. This workshop discussed the future challenges and opportunities arising from managing the large number of end-of-life EV batteries as well as the potential impacts. It also presented some preliminary results of research by CEPS as part of the Circular Impacts project.
The overall objective of the Circular Impacts project ( is to develop an assessment based on concrete data and indicators of the macro-economic, societal, environmental and labour market impacts of a successful transition to a circular economy. The assessment should support the European Commission in its discussions with the Member States on progress in the circular economy transition.


Vasileios Rizos
Research Fellow,
CEPS Energy Climate House
José Rizo-Martin
DG ENV, European Commission
Arno Behrens
Senior Research Fellow,
CEPS Energy Climate House
Silvia Bobba
Politecnico di Torino
Carol Pettit
REACH & Sustainability Manager,
Cobalt Institute
Willy Tomboy
Director of the Industrial Battery Working Group,
Recharge Batteries
Jan Tytgat
Director Government Affairs,
William Todts
Executive Director,
Transport & Environment
Eleanor Drabik
CEPS Energy Climate House


7 December 2017Thursday10:00 - 13:00
For more information regarding participation, please contact Isabelle Tenaerts via email:
CEPS Conference room


Executive Assistant
Research Fellow and Head of Sustainable Resources and Circular Economy
Useful Documents
Presentation of V. Rizos & E. Drabik.pdf Presentation of Jan Tytgat.pdf Presentation of Carol Pettit.pdf Presentation of Willy Tomboy.pdf Presentation of Jose Rizo-Martin.pdf