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CEPS ECH Conference on Prospects for Regional Energy Cooperation in Central and South East Europe in Brussels

The objective of this event is to discuss the achievements of regional energy policy cooperation in South East Europe ahead of the forthcoming CESEC meeting in Budapest, Hungary on Sept. 8-9th ,2016.

CEPS ECH will present  its recommendations on enhancing regional energy cooperation in South East Europe beyond natural gas issues. Key stakeholders and decision-makers are invited to comment on this proposal, based on the recently published  Roadmap to Enhanced Regional Energy Policy: Cooperation in South East Europe .The event is held in the context of the CEPS ECH project Regionalisation of EU energy policies, for more information click here


Christian Egenhofer
CEPS Energy Climate House
Julian Popov
European Climate Foundation
Catharina Sikow-Magny
Head of Unit, Network and Regional Initiatives,
European Commission
Laszlo Szabo
Senior Fellow,
Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research
Nicholas Cendrowicz,
Head of Sector, DG Near,
European Commission
Christoph Wolff
Managing Director,
European Climate Foundation


16 June 2016Thursday13:30 - 17:00
Hilton Brussels Grand Place
Carrefour de l’Europe 3
1000 Brussels


Former Researcher at CEPS Energy Climate House